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Reports and Achievement

Here you can find reports, data and links related to our school’s performance, achievement and Ofsted assessment.

Ofsted Reports

The school’s latest Ofsted report – June 2016 –  is available below: 

Inspection Report July 2016

All our other historic Ofsted reports are also available for reference on the Ofsted website here

School Improvement Plan

Following the Inspection in June 2016 the school redesigned its ‘School Improvement Plan’, and the latest version of this plan is available to view below. Hard copies can also be obtained from the school office should you require:

Latest Exam and Assessment Results

Children at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) have tests and assessments in Mathematics, English and Science.The latest results for these tests and assessments are summarised below:

2016 Y6 SAT Results  % Pupils achieving:
(or above) (or above)
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 65  6
Reading (Test) 71 27
Writing (TA) 82 18
Maths (Test) 82 15
Grammar, punctuation and spelling (Test) 68 18
  • 82% achieved the Y1 Phonics screen
  • 83% EYFS ‘Good level of development’

The new school progress score is now given as a number in each of the three core areas. A positive number indicates more progress than similar pupils nationally, whilst a negative score indicates less. Holcombe Brook’s progress scores for 2016 are the following:

Reading +1.4, Writing +1.0, maths +0.2

Key Stage One 2016 outcomes are tabled below and represent the percentage of pupils achieving expected standard or above

Subject EXS+
Reading 85
Writing 78
Maths 83
Combined RWM 75


 5 Years Performance Comparison

Please refer to the document below for a more comprehensive comparison of our assessment results form the last 5 years, including comparison against national averages. 2016 figures are not included as this is a new assessment system and cannot be compared with figures from previous years:

HBPS Assessment Data Comparison – 2011-15

Useful links for further information: 

  1. DfE School Performance Tables
  2. Ofsted Data Dashboard

Parent View Questionnaire Results

Ofsted’s Parent View questionnaire results for our school can be found here. If you’re not familiar with what Parent View is, you can learn more on our PTA page