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Rugby Winners!

Holcombe Brook 2

0 Springside

Holcombe Brook 1

0 Wesley

Holcombe Brook 2

0 Chesham

Holcombe Brook 1

0 Walshaw

1 Jacob

2 Robert

3 Christian

4 Halle

5 Erin

6 Thomas

7 Nikita

8 Connor

9 Joe

10 Emily

11 Cailyn

12 Milly

Represent the school in some way

Wow, what a night and what a performance by our squad of 12 rugby stars.

Mr. Crawshaw and I were so impressed by the standard of rugby that the children played and that HAS to be down to the great coaching they have received from Mrs. Robinson – she would’ve been really proud. 

For some, it was their first experience of competitive rugby and to play four games, win all four and not concede, is remarkable. 

Well done to all and sorry for the bad choice of biscuits! (I didn’t notice the chocolate digestives were cappuccino flavoured!!)

The amazing performance now means we will have children from our school representing Bury at the Greater Manchester Games in hockey, athletics and rugby on Tuesday March 20th! 32 children are guaranteed to have an amazing experience!

Well done Team HB!


  1. I am extremely proud of all of you. I knew you could do it. Well done on a brilliant tournament. Hope you all had fun and I hope you continue to enjoy rugby.

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