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American Ice Hockey – History

Ice Hockey

The Beginning

The modern game Ice Hockey was apparently invented by British soldiers based in Canada. The time being 1850’s. In 1879  the rules were set by the students at McGill  University in Montreal.  Then, Ice Hockey amateur club s and leagues were organised in the late 1880’s. Some people believe that this game was the first game played in the USA in 1893.  the beginning  of the twentieth century, the game spread to England and other parts of Europe. In 1920, Ice Hockey became an Olympic sport and is one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports.

The Stanley Cup

The original Stanley Cup was only seven inches high. The names of every winning player on each winning team are engraved on the base of the of it. the Stanley Cup now stands at a giant 35 inches high.

Who Had Won The Most Cups? How Long Is One Season?

The Montreal Canadians have won twenty-three Stanley Cups, the most anyone had won. Coming in second it’s the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13 Stanley Cups won. One season of Ice Hockey has three periods, twenty minuets each, so altogether there is sixty minuets in one season.

Record Breakers

In the season eighty-six ( in 1985)  Edmonton Oilers center Wayne Gretzky scored 215 points. Breaking his own record that he set 4 years earlier. The oldest man to still be playing ice hockey is Mark Sertich ( born in USA 18 July 1921) and is a staggering 93 years 11 months and 27 days!



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