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Destiny TTK (The Taken King)

Destiny is by far one of the best games I have ever played. This up-to-date blog will give you some information about one of the most popular sci-fi first-person shooters in the world. Enjoy 😉


There are three types of characters, hunter (my personal favourite), titan and warlock. Each character (subclass) has its own power/s. For example the hunter works with short ranged weapons like swords, pistol guns and knives with special powers. The titan is more of a front-line soldier, tough and mighty. He uses melee weapons like fists and throwing hammers. The warlock is like a wizard, he uses sith magic with his hands. He doesn’t have a special weapon he only uses the powers in his hands.

                                                                                                        Mission Types!

In Destiny there are lots of different mission types. If you want some good armour, try the raids, they give you good weapons as well. The obvious one, story mode, has expanded since the taken king update. there are now extra missions that include defeating  the taken kings minions.  The third  game mode is pvp its where guardians can fight each other for glory there are lots of types of  pvp, the name for pvp is crucible.


In the new April update there are new types of items. You can get taken armour so you look like taken minions. You can infuse armour and weapons to make them better. There are two other expansions in destiny, the dark below and the house of wolves.

I hoped you liked my blog and I hoped you learnt something. Leave in the comments what other blogs you would like me to do.

Ben R 🙂

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  1. Omg that was amazing what does hunter’s bow do? It would be so useful. Take that bully’s!

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