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Ice hockey

  The origins and history

Ice hockey originated in the mid-1800’s in the east parts of Canada and is a wide played sport today.James G.Creighton from Nova Scotia, is most credited, with having took the so called ‘Halifax-rules’to Montreal in the 1870’s where the eventually altered to the ‘McGill-rules’.

The old kit was very different from today.Examples are instead of skates they stuck blades on to their boots, their sticks were made of a single piece of wood and pucks were made of wood or rubber balls (which had the tops and bottoms chopped of ,to give it a flat surface

The teams

There’s masses of ice hockey teams America, such as: New York rangers, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsbrugh penguins and Detroit red.The winner of 2016 in the NHL league was Pittsbrugh penguins and the 2016/17 league has already begun.

There’s  loads of great players in America and these are some of them: Wayne Getzy (New York rangers), Phil Kessel (Pittsbrugh penguins) and Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins).


It is an Olympic sport, but the USA aren’t as good as Canada where ice hockey is their main sport.But although they didn’t win they still got the record for the most games played as a team.the lick below shows you the very best goals in the NHL league.

The Stadiums

One of the most impressive stadiums is Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Rangers.It is supposedly the most famous arena in the world.It is located in midtown Manhattan between 7th and 8th avenue.It opened the 11th of February 1968 and is still the longest running sports facility in the New York metropolitan area.

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