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pokemon started as a non popular game but over the years it got more popular. The three starter pokemon are bulbassur charmander and squirtle i’ll start of by telling you about bulbassur.

Bulbassur is a grass type pokemon when he trains alot he evolves into ivysaur who is a stronger version of bulbassur but ivysaur can evolve into venasaur who is the strongest one.

now i’ll tell you about charmander he is a fire type pokemon who evolves into charmeleon who is stronger than charmander but charmeleon evolves into charizard who is the strongest.

now i’ll tell you about squirtle squirtle is a water pokemon and evolves into wartortle who is stronger than squirtle but wartortle can evolve into blastoise who is the strongest.

the most favourite pokemon is probably pikachu but it can change over time it used to be the starter pokemon until they found the evolutions pikachu evolves into raichu who is the final form of pikachu.

the strongest flying type pokemon is articuno joint with motres and zapdos he is a legendary so are zapdos and moltres he is a blue pokemon his friend zapdos is yellow and black moltres is orange and pale.

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