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Y5/6 classes are going to Robinwood this year.

It’s going to be so much fun!

Robin wood is an activity centre where you do lots of adventurous activities.

We are going to be doing:

Trapeze, zip wire, giant swing, night line, canoeing, climbing, dungeons of doom, obstacle courses, archery, piranha pool, crate challenges and knights quest.

That’s a lot of fun in just three days!

Holcombe brook have been going to robin wood for the past three years

At robin wood this year we will be staying in the main hall in the castle.

 Originally we were going to be going in March but it got cancelled because of the horrendous weather.

Here is a quote from someone who went last year “going to robin wood really boosts your confidence it’s so much fun and every night you get hot chocolate!”


BY: Jasmine!

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