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In this blog I will be showing you some facts about Rocket League! This is an online football game where you use your rocket powered cars to play football! Rocket League was made in 2014 and is an age 3+. You can buy the game for £15.99. The game is a 5 star rating.

It was inspired by a movie called Mad Max. You can get better cars and customables  for every match you complete.

You can unlock upto 200 customables! You can unlock common, uncommon and limited customables. There are cars, colours, boosts, antenas and hats.

The best player so far is Fyshokid, he has scored loads of aerial goals, aerials are the hardest shots to score. Even though he is the best player he doesn’thave the best car but thats because he plays on the pc so you can’t unlock the sweet tooth.

Rocket League is one of the best selling games of the year. After you finish a match you will earn expiriance points.



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