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The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are an American baseball team located in New York. In this blog i will be telling you facts and other interesting things about The New York Yankees. They first became known in 1913 but won their first AL title in 1921. They were founded on the 9th January 1903.

They play at the New York Yankees stadium in Bronx, New York City. They share the stadium with New York City FC. All together in the stadium there are 54,251. The stadium costed $2.3 billion dollars to build.

The Yankees have had many nicknames in there time such as: The Bronx Zoo, New York Highlanders, Baltimore Orioles, The Evil Empire, The Bombers and the pinstripes.

Their manager is currently Joe Girardi. Their past coaches have been  Joe Torre, Buck Showalter and Miller Huggins. This is a link to the Yankees theme song.

The Yankees have scored many home runs here is a video of their best ones.

Former yankees fielder Micky Mantle has the world record for the most homeruns (18) in world series history. The New York Yankees have won 26 world series titles, which is more than any other team.

It is said that the yankees’ main rival is the Boston Red Sox.  The first time they played them was 26th April 1901.

Thank you for reading my blog about the New York Yankees. I hope you enjoyed it and now know a lot more about the New York Yankees and baseball in general.

See you later

Rosa   😛  

FYI ( just to clarify )- The Yankees stadium is the 4th biggest stadium in New York. 🙂 




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