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Playground to become car park? Writing Hoax!

Be motivated

Literate and a good communicator

Would Bury Council really turn half of our precious pupils’ playground into a car park? Well that’s what they believed after seeing the PowerPoint in yesterday’s assembly which contained a fake letter and fake photographic evidence!

The whole school brainstormed some ideas to persuade the council to change their mind. What followed was some amazing letters, from even some of our most reluctant writers! They really had fallen for it, and were adamant that they should not be punished for the actions and bad parking of the staff!

At 3:00pm I went around the classes to collect the 250 signatures from the pupils on the petition, which was actually a clipboard with a message inside (see last photo). Let’s just say, the children were quite furious that I had ‘tricked’ them. It was well worth it to to see some of the incredible writing!



  1. Inspired! I thought the sink hole was excellent too and must admit , I didn’t realise the carpark story was a hoax at first and felt quite sad about it… until the second message came through of course 😂

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