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Problem Solving Week!

Relay information correctly (e.g. take messages, give instructions etc.)

Work collaboratively with other children

Although problem solving is a regular occurrence in most maths lesson – we decided to hold our annual Problem Solving Week this week. It is always a favourite with the key stage two children AND staff!

There a five classes so each day the children are faced with a new problem to solve. From fidget spinners to footballers, code cracking and The Cube. The children have worked systematically, used estimation skills and collaborated with their house group. 

The teachers have been keeping a track of the points so far and it is very very close!

Next week we will announce the winner. What has been your child’s favourite problem? Can your child remember what the term ‘factorial’ means? (Eg  4!= 4x3x2x1)

Thank you to the maths shed and NRich for some amazing puzzles.