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They’ve only gone and done it!

Greenhill 4

5 Holcombe Brook

Gk Rosie

Def Ella

Def Rosa

Def Lucy

Def Nikita

Mid Summer

Mid Macy

Mid Freya

Mid Arabella

Fwd Milly

Fwd Ava

Compete in a competition

Wow, what a way to end the season! Every one of the girls above has been a credit to the school, they’ve  shown such tremendous team spirit throughout the year. 

Having lost to Greenhill a few weeks ago in a 6 a side tournament, the girls were up for the challenge of playing them in the 7 a side final and at the home of Greenhill, with the whole school out cheering for the opposition. It was a tense atmosphere but we had a gameplan and the girls executed it superbly!

After just 30 seconds a clever ball from Nikita caused problems but Greenhill cleared well, however after a short goal kick, we tried it again. The ball sneak past two defenders and Summer was on it in a flash. One touch to control and a second to rifle it into the top corner. The crowd of 200 were silenced!

A few minutes later, and Ava had a great chance. A few weeks ago, she might’ve missed it but she has improved so much and it really showed tonight. The chance was buried. 2-0 and the teachers from Greenhill were looking worried and weren’t really expecting the onslaught. Plus, they hadn’t seen Ava play before as she wasn’t in the 6 a side finals – she really was a secret weapon: the Greenhill defence couldn’t cope with her height, speed and strength. 

Greenhill got a goal back but Ava scored again. Then with a few minutes till half time, Greenhill scored their second. 3-2 at the break. 

Our half time team talk was a good one and we knew we had the beating of Greenhill, Milly was doing a sterling man marking job and Rosa, Ella and Nikita were determined to not let anything past them at the back. Anything that did get through, Rosie was more than equal to it. 

Early in the second half and we scored again, you’ve guessed it…Ava managed to strike the ball calmly past the goalie. 4-2.

Against the run of play, Greenhill poked the ball home to make it 4-3 but the best goal was yet to come. The tireless Summer caused endless problems down the right wing, she wriggled past 3 players and coolly slotted the ball across the box for Ava to tap home for her fourth goal. 5-3. 

Everything Ava touched turned to goals!

5 minutes were remaining and Greenhill piled on the pressure. Free kicks, throw ins, corners. Their dangerous player scored a great goal but it was too little too late and Holcombe Brook had won the 7 a side trophy for the SEVENTH consecutive year! That’s how long the girls have been at primary school for! Amazing! They were treated to a mcflurry after the match (thank you Mrs. Lynchey!) which was thoroughly deserved. 


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