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Bleakholt Ambassadors Wanted!

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Is your child saying they are bored during their snow day? Here’s an idea….

Just before half term, we were lucky enough – due to the generosity of our pupils – to sponsor 6 dogs at Bleakholt. In our Friday assembly, six year 6 pupils showed the photographs of the dogs and told the school a little bit about each one. 

I then explained that we had 6 pin badges that would be worn by our newly appointed ambassadors who would be responsible for keeping a check on how the dogs are progressing and perhaps taking them for walks. However, to earn this role, a short letter of application, outlining why they would be the perfect candidate, had to be passed onto me. So far, I have only received one. So why doesn’t your child have a go this afternoon!

 Thank you. 

Mr. Bradshaw

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