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50th Birthday Mural

As part of Holcombe Brook’s ongoing fiftieth birthday celebrations, year 3/4 of 2016-17 were tasked with thinking of different ways in which we could celebrate such an important occasion. Following lots of hard work and brilliant persuasive letter writing to Mrs Evans from the year 3/4 children, it was decided that the mural would be a fantastic, unique way of permanently celebrating the school’s half century. The mural was designed and created by the hugely talented Wayne Hardman and is a fitting representation of our school ethos – ‘Include, Enjoy, Achieve’.

The mural is located in the corridor connecting the school hall to the year 4/5/6 building – if you haven’t seen it yet please do come and have a look!

Once again, a massive thank you to Wayne Hardman for producing such a wonderful piece of work.


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