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Poetry Week 2016

Speak clearly

Work collaboratively with other children

Read aloud

Perform to an audience

Our first poetry week at Holcombe Brook was a great success and is sure to become an annual event!

Following our vist by A. F. Harrold at the start of the week, all classes had a poetry focus in literacy lessons and this was also evident in the end of week achievement assembly with many children awarded with the pupil of the week certificate for their poetry work. 

We also enjoyed a ‘poetry pals’ exchange session with KS2 children partnered with a younger child to share poems and nursery rhymes. 

The week was celebrated with a special poetry performance assembly. All classes recited a poem (which had been learnt off by heart) and even the teachers took part! You can watch a selection of these performances on our youtube channel. Please note: we can only upload video which we have obtained permission for due to copyrighting laws. 


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