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Varmints Artwork

Huge thanks to Marc Craste, illustrator of the Varmints  picture novel, which we read last term in English.  Marc’s kindly shared illustrations and sketches allowed our class to see how to draft and re-draft before producing finished works of art.  Also to Helen Ward (Varmints author) for inspiring us to use poetic language in our written work.  Here is a collection of our artwork, inspired by the novel…

These were the children’s interpretations of the Others’ cities.  Charcoal techniques to show ruin and smog, over watercolour wash backgrounds to show pollution.

These were pencil sketches of Varmints and Others, using different pencil techniques.

Varmints Pencil Sketches

These were annotations, in charcoal and crayon, where children listened to music from the Varmints animation and thought of descriptive phrases to accompany the images.

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