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World War 2 Topic

The children in Niagara Falls class produced some excellent work last term and showed empathy and maturity during our World War II topic. Our English lessons were based on the powerful and moving picture book ‘Rose Blanche’. In humanities children learned about the impact of war in Britain, the blitz, evacuation and rationing (which also facilitated some great maths lessons). In art and design children used watercolour pains and sketching techniques to draw poppies in their sketch books. They also designed and created outstanding Anderson Shelters and these were then used as backgrounds to make stop gap animations. A range of apps and computing skills were also used to create video reports and Remembrance Day pictures.  A homework project asked children to investigate if they had any family war artefacts or memories they could share with the class and these sharing sessions provoked thoughtful discussions.  Mrs Lynchey is really proud of how hard the class worked all term and with the quality of work. 

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