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Clubs and Enrichment

At Holcombe Brook Primary School we offer a wide variety of clubs and activities at various times of the day for all age groups.

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We offer a wide variety of clubs that take place before school, lunch break and after school. Members of staff and outside agencies run these.

We enter many competitions and the children enjoy representing the school with their friends and reporting on their successes in whole school assemblies.

The current regular club list includes:

  • football
  • netball
  • chess
  • choir
  • gardening
  • craft
  • athletics/cross country
  • rugby
  • cheerleading

Other external providers have offered multi sports, dodgeball, fencing and street dance.

Please refer to our club events calendar for the current schedule and any related news and updates will be posted via our standard news channels. 

4.7.11 Information

  • Our before and after school club is called 4.7.11
  • It runs from 7.45 – 9 am each morning and from 3.25 – 5.30 each evening.
  • Details of pricing and paperwork required can be found in the school foyer.
  • The club is open every school day and caters for up to 70 pupils each day.

Responsive to parents’ needs, the club offers flexible sessions but also asks parents to pre – book regular sessions wherever possible. A snack is provided for the children after school.

Any yearly profits from the club is paid back into school as rent, funding which is then used to further support our pupils.

The Club also offers a full or part time Summer Scheme which runs for the first three weeks of the summer holiday. This provision is also open to non Holcombe Brook pupils.

Should you require any further information please contact Miss Carolyn Crooks at school or email school.