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Tours of the school are available every Thursday morning at 9:15am

All applications to Reception Class should be made via the Local Authority’s online system

  • We also ask that parents give contact details to the school at the point of application
  • Offers of places will be notified by the LA in April each year
  • For any other year group, application can be made through the school office
  • To arrange school tours or visits, please contact our office on 01204 882 304.

Local Authority Admissions Information


The Application Process

Bury Local Authority is responsible for admissions to the school. Full details of policy and procedures are set in the ‘Admission to Schools in Bury’ booklet on the council website. Copies of this booklet are also available from the Local Authority by telephoning the main council number (0161 253 5000).  

All children in Bury can attend full-time education in the September following their fourth birthday. However, children do not have to go to school full-time until the term after their fifth birthday if their parents or carers do not want them to, as this is the compulsory school age.

Parents are asked to complete and return a form online stating the three preferences of Primary School they have chosen. Parents are also strongly advised to visit all local Primary Schools they are interested in prior to filling in this admissions form.

However, you are invited to register your child at the school well before this time and have a look around Holcombe Brook ’in action’. We offer Tuesday morning visits by arrangement from 9:15 am so parents can see the school as it is on a normal day. You will then be given a ‘guided tour’ around all the other classes. If Tuesday is not convenient then another time can be arranged. Please contact the school admin team on 01204 882 304 or email: holcombebrook@bury.gov.uk

If for any reason, you’re unhappy with the application process you are able to make an objection to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator.

Pre-School Liaison

We want your child to enjoy the first days in school, making the transition from home or nursery to school as smooth as possible. We like to meet all parents of new children prior to them starting so that we can discuss general problems and anxieties and begin the home/school partnership. We also like children and parents to make various informal visits to school.

There will also be opportunities for your child to come into their future classroom for some half day visits. They can meet their teacher and fellow classmates, forming new friendships which we hope will help your child settle happily into the routine of the reception class.

Transferring From Another School

Parents and children transferring from another school are encouraged to visit the school for a pre-transfer welcoming visit to ensure they have all the information required prior to them starting.

Transition to High School

The transition for all pupils to High School is a very important stage in a pupil’s school career. The catchment area high schools for Holcombe Brook are Woodhey High School, Tottington High School and Elton High School. Pupils from Holcombe Brook also move on to attend Bury Grammar School, Bolton Grammar School and Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School. All High schools organise Open Days and evenings plus transition days over the year. Pupils from Year 6 at Holcombe Brook also attend Woodhey several times over the year in a variety of curricular events. This eases their progress from primary to secondary education, ensuring familiarity with the High School staff and pupils from other schools who will be attending Woodhey. When children leave Holcombe Brook, they have often formed some secure friendships outside our community.

Where Holcombe Brook staff or parents feel their child may need extra support with the transition process in terms of greater familiarisation with the layout of the building and the routines, this is planned throughout the year in liaison with High School staff.