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Worries need to be discussed first with your child’s teacher and then the Headteacher. If you are not satisfied, the Head will have detailed information about the Authority’s procedures.

The Local  Authority has established procedures so that the concerns of parents and others about the school curriculum and related matters may be considered – and whenever possible – resolved locally. The arrangements apply to complaints relating to the curricular responsibilities of the LA or the Governing Body of the County, Voluntary or Maintained Special School: that is, that the Authority or Governing Body has acted, or is proposing to act, unreasonably or has failed to comply with the requirements or duties imposed by the Education Reform Act 1988. In the first instance, particular problems should be referred to the Headteacher who will endeavour to achieve a satisfactory outcome by informal means, if necessary through discussion with appropriate members of staff and the complainant. If, however, the issue cannot be resolved in this way, it may be referred first to a panel of Governors of the school and, as a last resort, to an LA panel for formal consideration. Further details of the Authority procedures may be obtained from the Headteacher or the Area Education Officer.