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The health and welfare of your child is our first priority. We will always contact you if we have any concerns. Holcombe Brook Primary School believes that all children, regardless of ability, have the right to inclusive education. When an application is received, the Governors and teachers will discuss the needs of the child with parents and make the necessary arrangements to ensure that arrangements are in place. This may require the purchase of additional equipment and the provision of staff to assist the child.

Medical care

Once your child reaches five, their weight, height, hearing and sight are checked by the school nurse and any issues relating to general health is discussed with you. Any child who becomes ill in school will be cared for and comforted until you can be contacted. We will need your telephone numbers and numbers of other emergency contacts for our records. You will need to ensure that these are kept up to date. If your child receives a bump on the playground but is otherwise fine you will receive either a phone call/text message to let you know or a ‘bump letter’, or the teacher will speak to you when you collect your child. If your child has asthma, please ensure that up to date sprays are kept in school. These are stored in classrooms so that pupils have direct access to them whenever they need. Please let us know if your child’s medication changes or they are suffering a particularly bad spell as this can impact upon their learning and they may need a bit more TLC!


Are unfortunately a fact of life! If you discover headlice/nits in your child’s hair please inform us and treat them straight away. As soon as treatment is given, your child can return to school. Treatment should then be given seven days later to ensure all eggs are dead. All members of the family should also be treated.

If we discover headlice in your child’s hair at school we will contact you and you will be asked to collect your child straight away. This is merely to prevent the lice from spreading to other children. Once treated your child can return to school. Headlice and nits are a growing problem so we ask for your support with this and also ensuring any longer length hair is tied back. Many Bury pharmacies are part of the ‘Care at the Chemist’ scheme where any minor ailments such as headlice, conjunctivitis, ulcers etc can be assessed and treatment prescribed without a visit to the GP.