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Health and Safety

The school is regularly inspected by Health & Safety experts in line with Bury Council’s Health and Safety Monitoring programme. A termly report is given to the School’s Governing Body. The school’s site manager monitors the building and grounds on a daily basis and the Governors complete an annual check. The school staff have received health and safety training and we have a team of First Aiders always available on site. Evacuation drills are regularly held to fully prepare the school for an emergency.

The safety of every child and adult is a priority at Holcombe Brook Primary School and every effort is taken to make certain we monitor this, inform the right people and protect and care for all who use the school site and premises, as far as we possibly can. Parents are kept informed of health and safety matters through meetings, telephone and letters depending on the urgency of the concern. We rely on any parent, adult or child keeping us informed of any health and safety issues and we expect immediate contact using the above communications. We also rely upon parents to inform the school of any change in circumstances so they can be informed in case of emergency.

School Security

The security of everyone who comes on to the school premises is paramount to Holcombe Brook Primary School. We are alert and aware as we possibly can be and we work together to make sure we are all safe.

We have a responsibility to make certain security is high profile throughout the school. All outside doors have security locks and these can only be accessed from the outside by permanent members of staff . The Headteacher is in charge of Child Protection and the school’s Safeguarding policy is reviewed annually and available for parents and visitors to read. All staff are well trained and proficient in dealing with Safeguarding concerns and difficulties and receive updated training regularly.

We have good liaison with other agencies such as Ramsbottom Police who support us in having high standards in security. As in health and safety issues, we seek to keep all parents and adults informed just as we would expect good and immediate communication from children, parents and outside visitors.

All visitors to our school should report firstly to the Reception Office, via the main entrance, where a member of staff will be able to give assistance and an identity badge will be issued.