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Our school, as you probably know, takes part in an educational maths app, called Times Tables Rock stars. As a class we compete with one another. On certain maths questions such as 3×12 e.t.c. Every 30 days we have a special ‘TTRS’ assembly, Mr Bradshaw hosts with our amazing drummer who is accompanied with rock music. The Head boy and head girl will hand out certificates to those that win. If you are wondering what they win, then we will tell you now there is: Rock speed, most improved and most earned coins. People will come 1st, 2nd and 3rd   and will receive a TTRS certificate. 

“The TTRS assembly is really fun and entertaining, it is exciting when the certificates are getting handed out, it gets really intense. We get to sing along to the rock music. It’s GREAT!!,” a quote from one of our pupils.

Bye for now  🙂 

By: Dan 💡 

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