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Facts about cats!


The cat, a wild mammal.  A cats body and flexible skeleton suggest that the 37 species of cat both domestic and wild were evolved by the first known cat in Asia 10-12 million years ago. Cats are known for landing on there feet, cats can jump up to five times their actual height but how they land is the real question.

These mammals have an inbuilt balancing system  at about 3-4 weeks old that improves at 6-9 weeks called the ‘righting reflex’.  Cats are able to do this because they have a usually flexible backbone and they don’t have a collar bone.

When a cat is falling they will either use their eye sight or the vestibular system in their inner ear that tells them to orientate to landh on their feet. Cats  are carnivores which means they only eat meat cats are not vegetarian and some humans food are poisonous to cats. They also are very needy animals they need lots of attention.


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