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World War Two

The woeful war began on the 1st of September 1993 when Hitler set out to make Germany great. The war began when Germany invaded Poland. So Great Britain’s alliance with Poland made sure that we had to declare war on them. For us it started on the 3rd of September.


The war lasted 6 years and 1 day .A truly terrible tragedy it was, over 38 million innocent civilians died let alone the millions of soldiers who were killed. And we were only a few of them ,most were Jews slaughtered by the enemy.  This was called the horrible holocaust. One of the main reasons for this is Hitler and his anti-Semitic believes (this means he hated Jew culture). Over 55 million people died over all


The impact of this petrifying problem was that Europe,Asia and bits of Africa lay in ruins, due to the bunches of bombs that exploded all over. The combat had flattened towns and cities, destroyed bridges and railroads and scorched the countryside. The war had taken its toll in both military and civilian lives.



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