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Fadeaway on the court today!

Hello basketball fans from across the the world were here to talk about the goats of basketball so listen close if you want to know all about these guys;

Ok let’s start with the number one goat MICHAEL JORDAN the reason Michael is the goat is because he is the best all round player of all time he has unrivalled ball handling, layups,shots,dunks and most importantly talent.

Number 2 lebron James an unrivalled rebounder,shooter,defender and dunker he has incredible height and is one of the most famous and well known baller of all time.                                                                                
Number 3 Me personally I feel sad putting him here but according to my research Koby Brian if we’re talking about famous lakers players then lebron and Koby are the top of the mountain Koby has incredible defence, shooting and all round playing and if not for the tragedy that made him pass away his legacy would be even more incredible than it is now. I mean it’s not every day you here of a basketball player that’s name is repeated after almost every shot.

So if you enjoyed this blog please request for more as one day  more could come out, who knows. One last thing if you want to know more about basket ball tap this link it could tell you a lot.  CLICKHERE





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