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Donald John Trump

Donald Trump is an American billionaire who is now president of the USA and TV Star who was originally a businessman. He was born on the 14th June, 1946 and is married to Melanie Trump with five children. He was born in New York but is actually half-Scottish! His zodiac sign is a Gemini.

To become president, Donald beat Hillary Clinton (the other candidate) by 290 votes to 228 votes, even though she won the popular votes. At a young age, he showed signs of a criminal, being sent to military school for bad behaviour and he claims that he hasn’t changed a bit since first grade. He also won the award for worst supporting actor (which I’m sure his is very proud of.) Did you know that Donald Trump sexually abused 11 women? I didn’t! He also went into the WWE Hall of Shame. Oops, I mean fame. He is also a germaphobe, which means he hates germs and frequently washes his hands. It won’t be good since he has to shake over 70,000 hands a year. 

However, many despise Trumps for lots of reasons, which means he may very well be president for a short time. Someone might kill him, another hold a petition, the possibilities here are really endless. Let us wish him good(or bad) luck for the future!