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Hello and welcome to my Blog I will be talking about the highest earning video game that EA sports have made , Fifa . The first Fifa was made in 1992 and has progressed ever since . It has been the most successful  video game ever since In this Blog I will be going through world records, facts and much more; so sit back, relax and enjoy the Blog. 

Game modes

The game modes in Fifa are: ultimate team; where you start from scratch and try and build the best team, tournaments; where you pick your favourite team and try and win the cup you chose, kick off; where you pick your 2 best teams and play against each other. You can also play against your friends. Finally, another mode is, pro club, where you make your own player and add him to your team. 

We hope you enjoyed my Blog and I hope you learnt a lot of new exciting things about Fifa – the beautiful game. 


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