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Fizzlebert Stump

This term we are reading the hilarious A.F. Harrold book ‘Fizzlebert Stump – The Boy Who Ran Away From the Circus (and Joined the Library). In literacy lessons we will be completing lots of book related writing activities as well as drama and role-play. This will help deepen understanding of the characters and plot.

So far we have read the first 7 chapters and have had lots of discussions about Fizzlebert’s thoughts and emotions. Children wrote letters to Fizzlebert and created a working wall of questions we would ask him if we met him, alongside questions we would love to ask the author.  We used the Explain Everything app to create multimedia emotion graphs and 

Children in year 4/5 – I’d love you to comment below with your opinions of the story so far! 


  1. I like this book because it’s funny and surprising. My favourite character is fish the sea lion because I like animals and he’s an animal.

  2. We have been reading a funny book in class called Fizzlebert Stump, written by an English author called A F Harold. So far we have read up to chapter 8. The book is about a boy called Fizzlebert Stump who lives with a circus and wants to join the library. He is the only child in the circus with only an annoying sea lion for a friend. But Fizzlebert is bored of the circus…he gets into a mess and ends up being kidnapped by the old Stinkgrottles.
    I think living in the circus would be amazing, with all the exotic animals and the different acts!!! I could learn to juggle, to walk across a tightrope, bounce and flip on a trapeze or even learn how to swing across like the acrobats. I could even learn how to control the elephants and lions too! Being in a travelling circus I would be able to see lots of different places (but the worst part would be falling off the bed at night when moving from place to place in the small caravan).
    This is a good book to read because there are lots of jokes and funny things that make me laugh and get tears in my eyes!!
    My favourite character is Miss Toad, she is the librarian. She sucks on a pen all day long that leaves ink stains all over her mouth (that is GROSS!!) she even sounds like a toad and burps like one too!!
    There are five more books written in the Fizzlebert Stump series. I definitely want to read these after we have finished this one.
    By Nadia (age 9)

  3. I am enjoying reading this book.I like the way A.F.Harrold uses bracets (to address the reader). I can’t wait to read the rest of the book and find out what happens to Fizzlebert and Kevin.

  4. Well where to begin, I absolutely love the book…it is amazing! You’ll never get bored reading the book and A.F.Harold is one of the best authors for opening and closing a chapter with ‘cliff hangers’. I love the way he uses brackets in the story for descriptive comments, he has really inspired me to use brackets in my own writing. Even though my ideal home wouldn’t be a circus, I would still love to live in one (only if it had the acts)

    TRY IT!

  5. Fizzlebert Stump is a really cool book, it’s very funny and I love A.F Harold’s type of writing! Plus he describes characters very very well, my favorite character is Kevin,Fizz Fish and Charles.

  6. I love this book. Mrs Stump is my favourite character because she makes a joke of things, but when Fizz goes missing ,she takes of her clown face (but stays in her costume). Why are the Stinkthrottles so nasty (and messy)? Who would want to take a little boy, John in this case.They did buy a book for him, but still Why would anyone do that??
    He must be missing his parents and his parents ARE missing him because most of the circus are looking for him! I would definitely rather live in a circus than the Stinkthrottles house though.

  7. I love this book because it’s adventurous and wild. I really enjoy the twists and the turns in the world of Fizzlebert and his friends. The story draws me in and I can’t wait to turn the page at the end of every single chapter. My favourite character must be Fizzlebert himself because he has a crazy lifestyle and he lives in a CIRCUS! Imagine living in a circus with all the clowns, animals and all the acrobats (I would love to live in a circus!)
    I can’t wait to find out how Fizz and Kevin escape from the cruel and stinky Stinkthrottle’s house!

  8. This book is absolutely hilarious!!! I hope Mr and Mrs Stump find Fizzlebert. The author A.F Harrold uses amazing descriptive language to describe the characters. My favourite character is Dr. Surprise because he is very mysterious and very secretive about his phenomenal tricks!!! I am really enjoying this book and I can’t wait to finish it !!!

  9. Fizzlebert Stump is a very good book and my favorite character is Fizz himself because he makes me laugh at the strange things he does whilst I’m reading!! I thought that Mrs and Mr Stinkthrottle would be kind,I’m DEFINETLY wrong about that!!!!! The part in chapter 2 made me upset where Fizzlebert gets bullied by some local kids and dont like the choice of him taking the book to the libary(without permission!) I want to read more!!!!!

  10. It’s really good and Fizzlebert is a very good character.I wish Icould take the book home and read it all.
    Thank you Mrs Lynchey

  11. I ABSOLUTELY Love this book because its hilarious and some parts are bit mysterious !!
    My favourite character is MR and Mrs Stinkthrottle (not because their horrible ) its because there just different from other characters in the book (A LOT DIFFERENT) I am so sad we have finished this AMAZING book
    Thank you A.f Harrold for writing this fantastic book ,and Thank you Mrs Lynchey for all the hard work you have put into this term
    Bethany Parkinson xxxx

  12. Thank you for all your great comments! I know how much you have all loved the story and the English work we have been doing this half term. You have all worked incredibly hard. I loved your reaction when we finished the book today and many of you said ‘I wish we could start it again!’ If any of you want to take a copy home to read over Easter then come and see me or if you want to borrow any of AF Harrold’s other books then just look in the class library!
    Mrs Lynchey 😊

    1. I love this book because it is very, very funny. My favourite character is Fizzlebert because he is very adventurous. I really enjoyed reading this book and would love to read more books by A.F. Harrold .

  13. Amazing to read such positive comments Year 4/5 – AF Harrold is a talented man! If you can get a copy of ‘The Imaginary’ you will also be blown away and ‘The Song From Somewhere Else’ is a future classic. We were lucky to have him visit us last year. Keep up the reading Year 4/5. I am very impressed!!

  14. I like it because it addresses the reader and it makes you hang on to a cliffhanger. It is an amazing book. My favourite character is fizz because he does these funny little things. I would love to live in a circus,because I can do those circus thing
    i’ve never ever done before! It is soooooo funny!

  15. It has been a great pleasure reading Fizzlebert Stump in class, the class have never been so giggly. My favourite bit is…….umm…….ALL OF IT. I personally think A.F Harrold is a really talented Author (no really I mean it). My favourite character is Kevin, even though he is a really quiet boy. I like the fact that A.F Harrold stops in the middle of his story and addresses the reader, I also like that he uses (brackets) a lot. We have sadly finished the book now but I just wish we could read it over and over again (you’re probably thinking that reading a book over and over again would be really boring), not with Fizzlebert Stump.
    I would recommend this book to everyone in the world!!!!!!

  16. WOW! I am so sad that this funny book has ended! My favourite part has to be when Fizz walks into Mr and Mrs Stinkthrottles house, the way A.F Harold addressed the reader was amazing!

  17. I really like this book!!!yesterday we just finished it.(It’s one of the best books ever!!)my favourite character Is Fizz.I really like how A.F Harold addresses the reader using brackets!!!I also like how he leaves the end of nearly every chapter a cliff hanger it makes me really want to read on!I also like the book because it’s VERY and I mean VERY FUNNY !!please read it !

  18. I like this book because it is really funny and I love the characters (Fizzlebert) because he is confident, funny and lives in the circus! This book is so good to read it’s the best and funniest book I’ve ever read. Oh I never knew red hair was so attractive like Fizzlebert.

  19. From the cover of the book I thought it was going to be funny, because the cover looked humorous. I found it a bit hard to get into at the start but after a few weeks I started to like it. When Fizz was captured by the Stinkthrotles I was nervous for him because I did’t want him to get hurt. I wanted him to escape so he could see his family again, it made me think if I was in the situation how I would feel. The best characters are Fizz, Fish the sea lion and Charles the lion because they are hilarious and strange. I think he should write another one with some different characters.

  20. This book was amazing with its twists and problems and the whole class have read it. Its happy ending is astonishing and my favourite character and chapter is chapter 12 because the whole part made me happy and Fizz (I always choose main characters.)

  21. Guys! Ladies! Gentleman! Small people! Big people! In between-sized people! Kids! You!

    Crikey almighty you’ve done a whole load of work, haven’t you? I’m so impressed by the brilliance with which you’ve taken up my words and made them your own and done stuff with them, and I’m so pleased you’ve been enjoying the story. I hope the end doesn’t let you down (I wrote it a long time ago, so I don’t actually remember what happens at the end, so I can’t promise if it’s any good or not (sorry)).

    Isn’t Mrs Lynchey brilliant, the way she finds and picks such good books or you? I feel honoured that me and Sarah’s book is one of the ones she likes to use.

    Anyway, kids, keep on rocking, and have a great Easter holiday.

    Hats off to you all.

    AF x

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