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Legends vs All Stars!

Legends (girls) 4

4 All Stars (girls)

Legends (boys) 3

4 All Stars (boys)

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What a great afternoon. A feast of football! Players, managers, assistant referees, cheerleaders and spectators. 

The legends (year 6) against the all stars (year 4/5) followed a different format this year. In stead of an 11 a side match with boys and girls, we had two pitches, 7 vs 7, boys and girls matches. 

We had cheers, we had tears but all in all, both matches were exciting and enjoyable encounters. 

The above scores meant a winning score line of 8-7 and a win for the first time in years for the All Stars!

Goals were scored by:

All Stars: Nikita (4), Max R, Joe L (2)and Owain

Legends: Summer (2), Milly, Ava and Harry, Henry, Darcy. 


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