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Year 4/5 Girls’ Football

Holcombe Brook 1

0 Elton

Holcombe Brook 1

1 Old Hall

Holcombe Brook 2


Holcombe Brook 1

0 St. Hilda’s

Holcombe Brook 0

2 Greenhil

Holcombe Brook 0

1 Lowercroft

GK Most of them!

Def Emily

Def Ava

Def Issy

Mid Ella

Mid Lily

Mid Sasha

Str Olivia

Participate in extra curricular activities

Compete in a competition

Wow, what a great afternoon! We took 7 girls to a football tournament that was very well organised by Bury School Games at Goshen Sports Centre. The girls were a little nervous but very enthusiastic and worked incredibly hard in every game. After each match, they showed tremendous sportsmanship-shaking hands and giving three cheers, whatever the result!

We managed to come second in our group of 6 teams following three wins, a draw and a loss. In the semi final we faced a very strong Lowercroft team who went on to win the final. Well done to them!

Thank you to Mr. Crawshaw for entering the teams today he sadly couldn’t be there due to his class being at the woods but I know he and Mrs. Lynchey would’ve been tremendously proud, I certainly was:

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