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Cool 80’s cars

Here are some facts about the Ford Capri 280 ,the BMW 6 series 1980 and the Audi Quattro Group B rally car.

Ford Capri 280

A total of 1,038 Capri 280s were built, all right-hand drive and powered by a 160bhp 2.8 litre V6.

Aside from that signature green hue – source of its ‘Brooklands’ nickname – buyers got 15-inch

alloys,a limited-slip differential and Recardo front seats.

BMW 6 series 1980s

In the mid-80s,the BMW’s top speed was 156 mph,it takes 6.1 seconds from 0-60 mph and 15.6 sec

from 0-100 mph was only available to a few top sports cars in the world.

Audi Quattro Group B Rally

The legend,and demise,of Group B

The Quattro was a force to be reckoned one’d with right from the start,resulting in Audi securing World Rally Championship manufacturer titles in 1982 and ‘84 and Mikkola taking the ‘83 drivers’ championship.Stig Blomqvist repeated that in the following year 

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