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Golfers game

Golf is an incredibly popular, good game. It has so many interesting movements you can do. There are different clubs you can use like irons, sand wedge, driver and hybrids! Are you learning golf? If you’re a beginner it is very hard to hit the ball with the club and is very easy to get frustrated (I know that because I’m having lessons). You will probably find it hard to hold the club properly and make it go in the air but at all times you need to keep calm at all times and just have fun the point of golf is to have fun with friends, and family.

The hardest club to hit is probably the driver because it bigger so you have to step back more. People around the world who play golf are really good because they will be in massive world competitions but they will still be learning. The best golfers are called: Rory Mcllroy, Tiger woods Jon Rahm, and Viktor Hovland. Over 6.66 million play golf and you could be one of them. Altogether there are 18 holes to play which would take a couple of hours to play.

If you hit the ball from a couple of feet away and get it in you will get a “parr”. When you hit it from a mile away it’s called a “birdie”. if you hit it nowhere near and get it in it’s called a “hole in one” which is a really good one to get. I suggest trying out golf it’s a nice, calming, fun game for everyone!

Thanks for listening.

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