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Football of girls & boys

Holcombe brook primary school football team

Football is one of the most famous sports on the earth,

about 3.5 million people play football in 2023.

People do practice such as going to clubs after school,

or even going to a football team! You can do football

at any age even at one years old,maybe you won’t be

That good but you will be able to!

Girls and boys do football

Any gender can do it, England won the UEFA women’s Euro 2022

final against Germany! The men’s football team for England also won,

the 1966 word cup that was a long time ago, but they still won. Now this

is nothing to do about are football team so let’s get into are amazing

Football wizards! For one of the girls football team the players were:


and Harriet !

Now for the boys football team players it was : Tom,Samuel,

Ollie,Noah,Lincoln,Jacob,Arthur,Charlie and Seth!

They all did amazing and will

Always do, we might not of won them all or win them all but it’s only for fun and

To spend more time with your friends and get better !

The first person to ever do football

Was ‘Cuju’ which was played in china during the Han dynasty from 206 BC to be 220 AD,

‘Cuju’ translates  literally as ‘kick ball’ and the aim of the game was to kick the ball into the net.

Like later forms of the game in England, Cuju outlawed the use of the hands.

The first person to make

Football was Walter camp is credited with altering the rules of rugby to create the game of

modern North American football we are familiar with today. The line of scrimmage,

Use of downs , point system, the number of players per side, and the creation lf the quarterback

Position all stemmed from Walter camp’s first influence.P

Girls football team
Boys football !
Well done

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