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Healthy Competition and Physical Families!


Week beginning 11th June will be our ‘Healthy Competition Week’ where all pupils will learn about keeping healthy and take part in house sport competitions: dodgeball, netball and hockey (plus rugby for KS2). Culminating with our KS2 and 1 Sports Days on Friday. 

On Friday from 3:30 – after you have enjoyed watching your children take part in their Sports Day activities –  it will be time for our ‘FAMILIES GETTING PHYSICAL’ fair. Here are the activities you can take part in:

Family 5-a-side football and netball competitions (teams can consist of adults and children). Choose a team name, agree on a kit (bibs will be available), families can come together to form a team and there will be handicaps agreed (headstarts given to teams depending on abilities). Staff will referee and it will be £10 entry per team with prizes for the winning teams in the finals. 

Obstacle courses.  £1 a go, try to beat the times of other children and adults  

Beat the goalie, football and hockey penalties. £1 a go.   

Table tennis. Play a game for £2. Singles or doubles, it’s up to you.  

Dodgeball games in the hall – £1 a game. 6 vs 6


To celebrate the start of the World Cup that week. Children will be able to come into school in a football/sports kit and bring in a £1. Once handed into their teacher they will receive the name of a country competing in the World Cup and if their team wins, they will win a prize!

Finally, do you think you and your children can manage a team of internationals to World Cup victory? We will be setting a community fantasy football World Cup league through the telegraph. Choose a team name, a formation and 11 players that could win cash prizes. Make transfers to injured or out of form players throughout the tournament. £10 entry and half the money will go to PTA. 

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  1. Fabulous idea.
    I would like to be added onto a netball team, if possible, please.

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