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Science Fair Year 3/4

We are super proud of all the children who took part in this year’s Science Fair.  It was clear that so much preparation and practice had gone into these at home – so a huge thank you also to parents for supporting.

Sadly, only two children from almost half the class were allowed to qualify, as the quality this year was excellent.  But on account of their delivery in class, scientific explanation and wow factor, Alice and Lincoln were voted as champions.

Videos are attached below – scroll down for those!

Well Done!  – Mr French.



Monty’s Marvellous Density Layers

IMG 0344 IMG 0343 IMG 0343 3 IMG 0343 2 IMG 0342


Molly’s Reverse Arrow

IMG 0339 IMG 0338


Alfie’s Colourful Skittles

IMG 0337 IMG 0337_1


Betsy’s Blow-up Hand

IMG 0335 Betsy A


Oliver’s Fireball Wireball

Oliver B Oliver A


Ivy’s Eggshells – Tooth Decay

IMG 0347 1 IMG 0347


Alice’s Anti-Leak Bags

IMG 0351 IMG 0351 1


Bella’s Exploding Cola Bottle

IMG 0354