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Trikidz Challenge Completed!

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A huge congratulations to all of our pupils for completing the trikidz challenge and helping to raise money for the PTA! Prior to each class starting the event there was a sense of nervousness and anticipation but they really gave it their best shot and helped each other along the way! Here is what TriKidz had to say over on their Facebook page:

The sun was out as we kicked off our events at
Holcombe Brook primary school in Bury today.
Years rec-6 did a run, bike, run duathlon to earn their trikidz medal.

Quotes of the day:
“All I’ll say is it is harder than the spelling test.
I’m nervous .
Is it a race?
I’m going to do my best.
The medals are well cool.
Will you come back so we can do it again.”

Coaches Sarah and Jahn were really impressed with all the children who took part. The cheering and support was so loud that it drowned out the music.
It was so great to see the children collecting their medals with huge smiles on their faces.

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(here are some photos from the day but I am sure your child’s teacher will have sent some via class dojo too!)